Life is often full of surprises. Full of ups and downs. Full of unexpected twists and turns. If life is a journey, it can be a long and winding road, up the highest mountains and down through the lowest valley depths.  Sometimes you never quite know where the next bend in the road might lead.

We are in the midst of making our way through one of those bends.

Several months ago, after trying to get pregnant for close to two years, we found out that our chances of having biological children were less than 1%. At the time it seemed like such an evil number to us.  We had known for a while of the potential, but the reality was much more frightening in some ways than the possibility. We had become just another statistic. We experienced a series of emotions…frustration, disappointment, guilt, failure and loss, sprinkled with a dash of hopelessness.  We knew we desperately wanted a family, but in the immediacy of the moment we had no idea how it would happen or what it would look like.

As we tried to regain our bearings and find our way back to the path from out of the briar patch, we decided that no matter what happened from that point forward we wanted to be intentional about walking forward in faith. We also knew that we couldn’t and didn’t want to walk this part of our journey alone. The temptation was to keep it a secret because who really at first blush wants to share openly about their failure and brokenness. We knew though that if we didn’t share, it wouldn’t be healthy…it wouldn’t be authentic…it wouldn’t be faith-forming…it wouldn’t be God-honoring…and it wouldn’t be living out true community!  We knew it wouldn’t be easy to be that transparent and vulnerable but we continue to trust that in our weakness, God is strong.  So we invited a few families into the hidden places of our lives and asked them to walk beside us, to pray for us, to encourage us, and to love on us.  And, it was the best thing we could have done. God used that gathering and those friendships to create in us the fertile ground He needed to grow and shape us into a new reality of His making.