Part of the purpose of this blog for me is to capture some of the events that occur leading up to our adoption.  I want to remember tonight and the excitement I felt as we shared our big news with the teens from our church.  We have them into our home several times a month and they will no doubt be a big part of our child’s life.  He will have 30+ big brothers and sisters and I love that.  We decided it was important to us that we tell them first before we shared the news with the rest of the church because of our special relationships with all of them over the last several years.

Tonight we had them over for our yearly Christmas party.  We moved it up a night in order to share our news with them.  As apart of our evening we played several holiday games such as “Name the Christmas Song” and “Holiday Hangman”.  The last puzzle at the end of Holiday Hangman revealed to them “You are all going to be aunts and uncles”.  As they started guessing it was obvious many of them were pretty confused.  Kevin D. said, “But Bradley can’t be an uncle because he doesn’t have any siblings.”  Erin was one of the first to catch on, but you could tell she was gun shy about asking the question.  After some prompting she asked, “Is Sara pregnant?”  Mike answered, “No, but we do have something we want to show you.  We played the video below that Mike posted and Mike explained to them a little of the journey we have experienced over the last few months.  Smiles spread over their faces as he shared that we are in the process of adopting a little one from Ethiopia.

I don’t want to forget the grin on Sam’s face.  You could tell she was SO excited.  I was moved by the tears in Kelly’s eyes.  I was touched that Zach D. remembered the JAM kids had sent supplies to a Hannah’s Hope orphanage in China.  I don’t want to forget the surprise and excitement in all of the kids faces.  I love these kiddo’s and feel blessed to know them and have them in our lives.  I would take any one of them and call them my own.  And I’m thrilled that they will be able to be involved in the life of our future little one.