“Wow. That was a coincidence.”

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase uttered a time or two.  Many people talk about coincidences in their everyday lives. I like to think though that there are such things as God-incidences. Little things that God somehow orchestrates along the way to point us to Him or to His purposes.  The other night was one of those moments.

My dad had bought us all tickets to the Magic game while we were visiting my family for Christmas.  We sat next to a sweet, young African-American couple (who coincidentally got engaged during the game) with a beautiful little baby boy around 8 months old.  Sara and I noticed him almost right away, but probably only minutes before the rest of my family.  We smiled as his big brown eyes stared back at us while giving us his best, “I know I’m cute” grin.  We were easily won over.

During halftime, the couple became engaged once he got down on one knee and proposed.  This moment allowed for Sara to take some impromptu pictures of the couple and provided a chance for further conversation to take place.  Congratulations were exchanged and we “oohed and ahhed” to them about their little boy.  The third quarter was about to begin and I found myself involved in the game once again.  No more than ten or fifteen minutes later something caught my eye to the left, where this couple was seated next to my mom. I turn and look only to find my mom holding their baby boy.  Now, the BIG grin belonged to my mom as she held this little one in her lap! The image is probably forever now imprinted in my mind.

One thing I didn’t fully realize at first is that our parents would have to go through a time of processing, similar to our own experience over the last several months.  They also needed a chance to grieve the loss of their own family expectations and their own picture of what they might have always thought it would be like to have grandchildren.  And that’s okay.  In fact it is a healthy part of the experience…a healthy part of life.  The decisions we are making and the current direction of our lives not only shapes who we are and how we live, but it also shapes the lives of those around us…the family and friends who love us and walk this journey beside us.

Later that night, my mom mentioned to us that she thought God provided that opportunity for her to continue to process her own thoughts and emotions. I think she’s right.  It was definitely a God-incidence…a divine God moment (one of many) beyond what I can begin to understand or even imagine, that will continue to shape her into the person (and grandmother) He wants her to be!

I praise God for those moments…