One of the difficult parts of adopting is that there are not many outward signs that you are having a baby.  You don’t feel the same changes happening to your body and you don’t have the rounded stomach that clues people in that you are expecting.  I love reading blogs and I came across an artist that creates jewelry for people in my shoes.  I have fallen in love with her work and it’s so difficult to not buy all the pieces she makes all at once.

My husband, being the amazing man that he is, picked up on how much I wanted one of these necklaces as my “outward” sign that we are expecting.  So for Christmas, he ordered me this incredible necklace.  I love getting to wear it and it has been a conversation starter several times.

If you know anyone adopting or are adopting yourself I highly suggest the jewelry from JunkPosse. I just love the messages and the pieces themselves.  I wear mine EVERYDAY and many times during the day as I reach up and touch it reminds me of this journey that we are on.  I can’t wait to collect more pieces of this jewlery….I promise this necklace won’t be the last!