As we walk along this journey we want to invite you to pray for us for specific aspects of the process.  A few of the things you can pray for right now are:

–Our home study will be done on Monday (tomorrow).  We pray that this process is smooth and completed quickly.  We will spend 6 hours with our social worker so that we don’t have to schedule multiple appointments since she is coming from several hours away.  I pray that the weather is good so that she is able to travel safely.

–Our FBI fingerprints to come back.  The time frame for response on these can be sporadic.  I have heard that it can take as little as 2 weeks and as much as 2 months.  I am praying that we will hear something in the next week about this as it prevents our home study from being fully completed.

–That God will continue to show us ways that he intends to provide finances.  We are looking for places we can cut back in order to sacrifice, but are also brainstorming ways that we can raise money as well.

–Pray with us for the people of Ethiopia.  It’s very possible that our child’s birth mother is either pregnant or even recently had the child we will adopt.  Our heart breaks for her and we pray that God will give her comfort and peace during such a difficult time.

We covet your prayers.  We know that it will be through prayer that God will continue to prepare us for this incredible opportunity.