We may have been rejected in our first attempt to experience Ethiopian cuisine, but the second opportunity made it well worth the wait.  We found out some friends were planning a quick trip to Nashville the same weekend we were looking to go, so we decided to go together and share in the experience.  The atmosphere was fun, the food was GREAT, the company was more than enjoyable, and we even made a new friend in Salomme.  Here are some pictures we took to remember our latest adventure…

They had the best spiced tea. I had several glasses and could have easily enjoyed a few more.

This is an appetizer called Ayib Begomen.  It is a wonderful blend of farmer’s cheese mixed with collard greens, spiced butter, and a touch of mia-mita (chili powder).  We all thought it was fantastic, and the plate didn’t look like this for very long.

The food was brought out on a large platter and served on top of Enjera, which might be best described as a flat, pancake-like, sourdough bread.

We decided to order several different dishes and share them together.  We had Awaze Tibs (cubed prime beef sauteed and simmered in hot sauce and seasoned with spices and fresh herbs), Yebeg T’ibs (chunks of lamb with bones, marinated with rosemary, then sauteed with onion finished with jalepeno), Yebeg Alicha (tender pieces of lamb simmered in mild sauce and seasoned with fresh ginger, garlic and tumeric), and Doro w’et (two chicken legs marinated in lemon juice, then sauteed in spiced butter and seasoned with pepper garlic, onions, fresh ginger and spices. Served with a hard-boiled egg).

We had several vegetable dishes as well such as Kik Aletcha (yellow split peas), Shiro W’et (chickpeas) and Ye’Atkilt W’et (fresh string beans, carrots, and onions).

One small surprise to most people (although we knew in advance)…No Silverware. Part of Ethiopian culture invites you to eat with your hands.  Instead of utensils, Enjera rolls are used.  Simply tear off a small piece and scoop up your choice of food.

Overall, I think we all agreed that we really enjoyed the lamb the best, although all of the food was really good…

…As evidenced by our empty tray at the end of the meal!

We are already looking forward to our next opportunity to make it to Gojo…hopefully sooner rather than later.  If you are in the Nashville area, we highly recommend this restaurant for a wonderful Ethiopian experience!