Recently Sara and I watched a movie titled “Live and Become.”  Here is the description of the movie available on Netflix:

“Young Ethiopian Solomon (Moshe Agazai) is swept up into Operation Moses, a joint effort between American and Israeli troops aimed at relocating Jewish refugees from Africa to Israel. Hoping to shield her son from an impoverished life, Solomon’s Christian mother forces him to declare himself Jewish and join the exodus. The boy is adopted by a Sephardic family and migrates to Israel, but the culture shock proves to be devastating.”

We both found this film to be really intriguing. It is engaging and authentic, yet at the same time makes you cry, experience frustration and in some ways cause you to wonder if you really are ready for international adoption and parenthood.  Through this process it can be so easy to focus on bringing home an infant, that at some level you forget to think about what it will be like as they grow up.  In some ways it was both eye-opening and encouraging to feel and experience some of the emotions this movie provoked in both of us…I think it was a healthy part of preparing our hearts and minds for the beauty, wonder, and intricacies involved as we pursue this next phase of our lives together.

I love the idea behind the title Live and Become.  In many ways I think that is God’s commission to all of us as Jesus people in this world…Live and Become who you were created to be!  Don’t be content, don’t settle for living in empty ways that only lead to “death.”  But choose life, for all its mountain peaks and valleys low, and become more than you ever imagined you could be because of God at work in you.  It’s even representative of our journey toward adoption, that as we pursue God’s dream for us as His people, He grants us our dream of becoming a family.

Ultimately after watching the movie, we were affirmed even more that God has something wonderful in store for us…it may be full of ups and downs, of good times and bad, but we will be family…and together we will trust God to form and shape us all into who He wants us to BECOME!