When Sara and I began this new part of our journey, we really looked forward to the opportunity to become a multicultural family.  Not because we thought it would be cool to broaden the cultural scope of our family (even though it probably will be), or because we wanted to be different (even though we won’t be able to have any control over it) or because somehow we would not be complete without it (even though we often grow the most from experiencing life’s differences all around us).

But, we saw it as a way we could participate in and live out the dream God has for all his people.  It was a chance for us in some small way to join God at work in bringing unity out of diversity…to share in the ministry of reconciling all people to him…and to proclaim from the core of our lives the Jesus truth that there is “neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for all are one in Christ.”  It was an opportunity for us to more intentionally give God the space to creatively and grace-fully weave our story that much more into his.

I’ve loved this song by DC Talk titled “Colored People” for a long time (probably as far back as the mid-90’s when it first came out).  It has even more layers of meaning to me now than it did back then.  It is a reminder to me of God’s invitation for each of us to join the dream…

*Update: Apparently the author of this music video doesn’t allow it to be embedded in blogs.  After selecting play, you will have to click on the “watch on youtube” link in order to view the video and listen to the song.