The long awaited envelopes were waiting for us when we got home from our weekend trip with 42 of our favorite people!  We spent the weekend with many of our teens and parents in Gatlinburg at a conference called Winterfest.  It was a great weekend…warm weather, great kids, and changed lives.  I even told my friend Steph on the way home that the only thing that would make this weekend better would be to get home to find these…..

These are the letters from the FBI saying that we don’t have any arrest record!  My fear of having to redo the prints because they weren’t “readable” was allayed and I screamed in delight when I saw the return address!  I had worked really hard not to worry about it because there was NOTHING I could do to physically hurry it along.  It took exactly 2 months to receive our reply.
This is the last document we need to complete our homestudy and that is the last thing we need to complete the dossier.  We are SO close to the waiting list.  Hopefully by next Monday we will be at UPS overnighting these precious papers to AGCI.

Please continue to pray for us in this process!