God’s fingerprints continue to be all over the people we meet and the new relationships we form.  I fully believe He is creating for us a community of people who are sharing in the same kind of experiences in order for us all to strengthen and encourage each other as we walk this road together. I don’t know why I continue to be surprised…

Over Valentine’s weekend we ventured back to Nashville for some fun and food (Ethiopian of course). We headed back to Gojo where we went several weeks earlier.  The same woman, Salom, was there working again. She remembered us right away commenting something like, “back again I see.”  I believe she even remembered that we were from Kentucky.  It felt good to be in a place where we were remembered and hopefully she saw that we cared enough to remember her.

After ordering, Sara and I wondered if we should share with her now about being in the process of adopting from Ethiopia.  We hadn’t shared about it to that point because we weren’t sure how it would be received.  I guess we just didn’t know what to expect….would she be offended?…would she think it was wonderful?…would she have negative feelings because of her own experience?  There just seemed to be so many unknown variables upon meeting her the first time that we decided to allow the relationship to grow before we were to open up our lives to her more fully.  But what about now?  Would the second time provide a good opportunity?

Toward the end of our meal, Salom began to share a little bit with us about her own kids.  She told us their names…their ages…she showed us pictures…they were absolutely beautiful and precious little girls.  Something in that moment felt right…it felt sacred….it felt God-present.  I didn’t ask Sara, I just started sharing.  I told Salom that we originally wanted to come to this place because of our desire to adopt a child from Ethiopia as our own.  We wanted to experience some of Ethiopian food and culture in order to better connect with the life and background of our future child.

I don’t think I can forget what happened next.  Tears immediately welled up in her eyes and we could feel the intense emotion as she spoke, “That’s so good. There are so many that need families.”  It was a special moment…a bonding moment…it was only a matter of seconds…but those seconds provided all of us the ability to connect with each other on a much deeper level.  We thanked her for being so kind to us and told her we would continue to come back…hopefully one day with our own little boy, so she could meet him.  She said, “I only work Friday and Saturday,” implying that she hoped we would return again when she would be there.

Don’t worry Salom, we will!