November 23rd was the day we got the news that we had officially been accepted into the Ethiopia program by AGCI.  Three and a half months later (thanks to an 11 week wait on FBI fingerprints to come back) we have completed the paper chase and sent our compilation of official documents off to our adoption agency.  On Friday we will get our numbers on the wait list and begin the next section of the process…..waiting.  The wait time has lengthened somewhat over the last few months and while we are a little bummed about that we are going to use that time to soak up the last few months of it just being us.  We will celebrate a big birthday (cough..Mike) and our 7 year anniversary.  We hope to take a relaxing vacation together and do some other traveling as well.

As we have tried to do throughout, we documented the day.  First all the paperwork ready to be mailed.

Topaz has no idea how his world will change when we arrive home with “baby Darling.” He was less than excited to have his picture taken with the paperwork.

We probably looked crazy trying to set the timer on the camera on top of the car and running to jump in the picture.   But I had to have a record of the moment!

Mike was blessing the paperwork as we mailed it off…

It was a little bit difficult to let it go.  I felt like I needed to educate the man at the shipping office on how much work and money has gone into this packet and give special instructions on how to take care of our package.

Mike signed the receipt for the bill to overnight the envelope.  The best $26 I spent today!

Before we finally handed it over we asked the man to take our picture.  I wonder how often his customers document the journey to mail their packages? 🙂 We did explain so that we didn’t seem too crazy!

I have always thought that I would be excited to get to this point because it isn’t in my hands anymore so I don’t have to feel guilty for not getting paperwork signed ASAP…however, I know there are difficult days ahead of not having any control on how fast we move through that wait list.  We pray that God is ultimately in control and that he provides us with peace as we prepare to welcome an incredible blessing to our lives.