For several years, I have loved Willow Tree angels.  I’m not one for collecting things but these are special to me and I have received several for different occasions. All have different meanings and remind me of particular times in life.  A few weeks ago when we were finishing up our dossier our sweet friends, Lynn and Tommy, blessed us with the Angel of the Spirit.  They gifted it to us as a physical reminder of the child that we will be blessed to parent.  Lynn shared that she envisioned this angel watching over our child as we prayed for his emotional, physical, and spiritual health.  We have put this angel in a spot where we see it multiple times a day.  It makes me smile and think of my baby as we wait.  It’s likely that our child has been conceived, if not born already.  It hurts me to know that I am not able to be there in these first moments and months of his life.  I have to trust that the Spirit of God will intervene in the moments that we miss and will comfort our child as he experiences such loss at an early age.

I pray daily that our process will be smooth and we will have the opportunity to meet our child as soon as feasibly possible.  I pray that God will give us patience, guidance, and wisdom as we make decisions for our future.

I pray that God will intervene when we don’t know what to pray.  I pray that God will prepare us emotionally, physically, and spiritually so that we are in the best place to parent and nurture this precious child.  I pray that we will attach and bond quickly and that the world around us will be accepting of our family.  I pray that God will draw us deeper and show us where we need to refine ourselves and what we can live without.  I pray that he will show us how to pour ourselves out for others so that we can more fully pursue “kingdom” life.  I long for my heart to beat just a little more in tune with our God.    I pray that God will provide the finances as we need them and that we will trust him to provide it in the right timing. I pray that in the meantime we are open to the areas that we can give and purge the things we don’t need.  I want to revel in the promise of God that he calls us his own and I can’t wait for his gift of caring for one of his precious ones.