This post is in response to Linny at A Place Called Simplicity.

One of the ways we feel God is challenging us right now is by allowing ourselves to be open to the ways that he chooses to bless us.  In the midst of an adoption, the journey is not one you can do alone.  We have had to humble ourselves to ask for lots of help along the way.  We feel called to adopt our son (our first child) from Ethiopia and have dreams of adopting multiple children throughout our life.  The problem lies in the fact that adoption is costly.  It requires us to sacrifice in major ways.  We are willing to sacrifice many of the things we might normally want to do, the hard part is sacrificing the ways that God calls us to allow others to join us in serving.  We have served at our church now for 5 years and truly feel that God has blessed us with an amazing church family.  Mike (my husband) is honored to serve as the associate pastor in our church (Family of God at Reidland) and is truly doing the “job” made for him.   I serve families as a marriage and family therapist through an affiliated church counseling center.  We feel honored to tithe (money and time) and give to God our first fruits because he has always abundantly blessed us with more than we could ask or imagine.  I like to be on the end that gets to give the tithe.  Giving is my love language…however it is extremely difficult to be on the end that is receiving.  After reading this blog this week, I thought her proposal was such a cool idea (for everyone else).  Then I felt God nudge me to write this post.  Pride almost kept me from it, but it hasn’t been far from my mind for 2 days.  Tonight, we humble ourselves to see how God is using this to chisel us into the people he calls us to be.  Even if we don’t receive one penny, that’s okay.  I believe the important part is learning to be vulnerable to allowing others to walk alongside you on the journey and to respond faithfully to God when he calls us.

We are in the waiting process for a referral, but we found out a few weeks ago that we will now need to travel twice when we were only planning on one trip.  It’s a mere bump in the road yet one that will require God to provide the funds.  We are walking forward in faith as we are continually humbled by his provision.

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