The weather was warm for the first time in 3-4 years on Easter and it was fabulous!  Friday night Mike led the Good Friday service at our church and it was poignant and moving.  I enjoy so much that we are recognizing  the angst before celebrating our Risen Lord.  It makes Sunday even more special.

Saturday held an Easter Egg hunt party, a photo shoot, and some great time with friends getting ready to build raised garden beds for a vegetable garden.  I spontaneously decided to take down our lights outside and paint them black and it looks great now!  We enjoyed some great grilled chicken and veggies on the grill that were delicious!

Sunday morning came early as we participated in a community sunrise service and then breakfast and Easter service at Reidland.  There is always a big group without families close that converges on some friends home for holiday meals and Easter is no exception.  We enjoyed a great lunch together and watched the kiddos play outside.  Overall it was just perfect!

Now that we are in the waiting phase, our son is never far from our minds.  As we enjoy holidays and events we wonder how it will be different when we celebrate next year with our son in our arms.  It’s exciting and yet still seems so far off!  One of the things I enjoyed the most this weekend and throughout this past week is watching Mike as he plays with all the children in our life.  On Wednesday we enjoyed an Elmo Dance Party with Emily and Titus after church (video to come….It’s HILARIOUS) and yesterday I watched as he helped a friend of ours get plates for her 3 boys.  He is so joyful and full of life and my thoughts always move to thinking about what it will be like when he is playing with our own child. Kids LOVE him and think he is so funny…which he is.  I’m a bit biased but he is the best husband I could dream of and I love living this life with him!