A few weeks ago we were scheduled for our final fingerprinting appointment for immigration requirements.  These are a specialized method that requires you to travel to support centers to have fingerprints done on a computer.The closest center for us was in Nashville so we made a day of it.

We actually drove down the night before so that we would be there for our early appointment.  We enjoyed getting to visit Sunset Grill for their specialty nachos off the late menu.  This was a regular spot for us in college and it was really fun to relive our memories, not to mention the nachos are incredible!!!

We arrived a few minutes early so that we could make sure to find the place we were supposed to be.  The letter is intimidating and says that if you miss your appointment you will have to wait for another date to be assigned.  We didn’t want to have to make the trip twice.  We entered the office and gave some information and then each were taken back to have the fingerprints done.  It took about 15 minutes each and the lady complimented both of us saying we each had good “prints.”  Apparently our fingerprints rub off over time if we wash our hands a lot or have jobs that require a lot of use of our fingers.

We received the stamp of confirmation that fingerprinting is complete!  Now we wait for the authorization form that allows us to travel to pick up our child/children.

Since we were already in Nashville, we took the opportunity to visit Lipscomb, our alma mater.  We were blessed to catch up with several professors with whom we have always been close.

We ended the day with dinner with more college friends eating fabulous Ethiopian food!  (Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of dinner.)

The day was perfect!  I loved getting to spend the whole day with Mike and catching up with people we love!