The last few months I have tried to slow down and just enjoy the way that life is right now.  It’s been just Mike and I for almost 7 years.  It has been just the three of us (Mike, Topaz – our labradoodle, and I) for 5 years.   We have learned a lot in caring for our often anxious dog over the last several years.  Topaz is the most loyal dog of any I have ever owned.  He is my shadow and will follow me where ever I go.  When we are outside he stays pretty close as long as we don’t walk outside of the radius of his invisible fence.  If we walk outside of the radius he will often whine until we come back closer.  Last night while playing softball with two friends he was by my side after he finished running in circles.  He lays at our feet if we are watching TV and follows us from room to room while we clean.  He loves to be with “his” people.  One of his favorite things is to fetch the frisbee…and only the frisbee.  He won’t go after a ball or much of anything else.  Today I had to take the moment to capture him playing frisbee with Mike.

He is fast and I mean fast.  He runs like a greyhound and people are amazed at how fast he is.  If he is running full speed, you are better off to stand still.  He WILL NOT hit you UNLESS you move out of his way….see he has calculated where you are and will always dart off at the last minute but it’s almost like a trust fall.  You have to TRUST that he won’t knock you to the ground.

Isn’t that how our relationship with God is at times?  We have to trust him until the last moment.  So often we can’t see the forest for the trees until the last second and then it seems to become so clear.  Yet he sees the plan so clearly from the moment the world began.  He works in redemptive ways so that we will trust him more.  He provides for our needs so that we will trust him.  I often need that reminder in this journey of life.  I want to trust God more…I want to be connected to the vine…I want to drink from the stream that gives life.  I want to be in the shadow of the Almighty just as Topaz wants to be in my shadow.