I have lots rolling around in my brain that I want to post but tonight I need to go to bed.  I have been incredibly busy this past month and the next few weeks are chalking up to being just as crazy.  Sleep is one thing I shouldn’t sacrifice too much or I’m not worth much.

However, I couldn’t go to bed without posting our June numbers.  We have moved quite a bit on the boy list since our May numbers.

Our boy number is…..

…… and a referral has gone out since we got the numbers!

Our sibling number hasn’t changed.  We are still…..

It isn’t typical for this number to move very quickly.

Please continue praying for our child.  The urgency has picked up for me as I know we are so much closer to our referral and that means that his biological mother is either pregnant or is struggling with her decision to relinquish her child for whatever the reason may be.  It pains me to know that our baby has to endure more than any baby should at that age.  I pray for a relatively easy transition and resilience for his little heart.