We just pulled in the drive from another fun weekend adventure!  It started on Thursday (Mike’s Big 30th Birthday) when we headed to Nashville to feast on our favorite nachos from the late menu at Sunset Grill.  We frequented this restaurant a lot in college and it remains one of my FAVORITE meals.  It’s probably good we can’t indulge more often!  Friday we enjoyed taking care of some errands and then had a wonderful dinner with some dear friends.  It was an evening full of laughter, games, and great memories being made!  We went out in the yard for a few minutes after dinner and grabbed a few sweet pictures!

The mini me and his daddy.

Isn’t she stunning?

She LOVED Mike and has the cutest little southern drawl. She would say “Heeeeyyyyy Miiiiikkkee,”  and “Wheeerrrreeee’s Miiiikkkkeee?” I’m telling you he is a kid magnet.  She was begging for him to get up this morning so I took her to wake him up.  He and her daddy stayed up a little too late last night play games.  🙂  However we had a great time playing and visiting with the entire family!

We tried for a family picture but we waited a little too long…just gives us another reason to visit!  Thanks for the great meals and a fabulous time!