We finished our summer event schedule this past Sunday night with our annual Back to School Bash for the teens in our church.  Mike is always creative in coming up with awesome games that everyone can participate in.  This year we participated in Noodle Wars first….and it was hilarious.  Everyone brought a pool noodle and a shield.  The object of the game is kind of like tag except that when you get hit on the arm or leg with a noodle you lose that appendage for the rest of the game.  It was hilarious to watch us hopping around on one leg trying to tag the other team out!  When you lose both legs you have to sit where you land.  I handed the camera off for the night to Stephanie so that I could play this time.

Here’s the group before we got started!

The beautiful Becca…

Don’t they look viscious?

Two of our precious new sixth graders!! SOOO GLAD they joined us!


We even had a few spectators!

A few more girls…

After dinner we played a series of “Minute to Win it” games from the TV show.  In this one they had to put 4 M & M’s on 4 straws in a minute.  Erin was awesome at this game!

Her outcome!  She was on my team!

Another game entailed pulling Klennex’s out of a box….harder than it looks actually.

Another game involved stacking three golf balls on top of each other.

Listening intently to the instructions (or something like that)

The evening ended with our favorite finger dart wars (played like dodge ball but with finger darts) but I don’t have any pictures of that.  It was an active evening AND so fun.  These are great group games if you ever need some ideas!