How did August get here?  I can’t believe that school has started again here and we are well headed towards fall.

We got our new numbers for August last week and they were just about what we expected them to be.  In July we were at 19 on the sibling list but we have moved to ……

On the boys list we started at 14 in July but have moved to…….

The movement isn’t a lot but to me there seems to be a big difference between 14 and 12….it seems so much closer to single digits! There are a lot of families traveling this month to pick up kiddos so we are hopeful to be in single digits by next month.  The courts in Ethiopia have closed for August and September now because of the rainy season so it will mean that the movement will slow until court appointments start occurring again.
My heart has been burdened for our son and his birth family.  They are likely experiencing lots of heartache or will be experiencing heartache soon as they face some extremely difficult decisions.   Please be prayerful for us and our son.  My prayer is that God protects his little heart as much as possible and that he transitions to the orphanage easily and attaches quickly with one of his caregivers.  This is important because infants need to learn to emotionally attach to someone in the first few weeks of their life and it will make it much easier for him to attach to us when we are able to bring him home.  My prayer for his biological mom is that she will feel God’s comforting arms around her  as she experiences the grief of relinquishing her son.  My heart aches for her and the difficult decision she has to make.
Here’s hoping for single digits…..