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We just pulled in the driveway from a VERY HOT, BUT VERY FUN picnic with our adoption agency All God’s Children International.  We were excited to meet so many people that we “know” but had never met.  It such a strange to feeling to meet people that you have emailed with and connected with through blogs and Facebook but have never met face to face.  You are able to jump into conversation without all the small talk and these families look a lot like yours does or will.  We met some new friends as well today and hope to continue the relationships throughout the years as we raise our families.

My camera is my security blanket at times 🙂 but I LOVED getting to capture some images for sweet families.  (If you would like a copy of one of these images, please email me and I would be happy to send them to you!)

This family is so precious….they are in the process of paperwork to bring their little girl home.

There was a pool set up for the kiddos….and I’m not sure the adults didn’t wish they could get in as well.  It was HOT and that even seems like an understatement.  There were lots of cameras there.

Loved seeing this momma babywearing.  They brought their little guys home just a few months ago.

We met this family for the first time today and they brought their little guy home about a year ago I think.  He was having more fun in the muddy water than the pool water.

Then he was having some sweet snuggles with his daddy.

Our friends the Stivers made the journey to Nashville as well! We love getting to see this little guy again.  He always loves the camera.

I was able to meet my friend Andrea that I have emailed with several times.  She just brought her handsome man home as well!

Here is the big group picture….It’s hard to get that many people in one picture.

And the kid picture.  I hope we have a little one in that picture next year! 🙂

Thanks for sticking around to read this post.  I want to make sure to have some record of our fun day to show our little one someday.


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